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Our collections are born out of my desire to personally design and create unique jewelry that blends only the best materials and metals with a timeless aesthetic. My passion is matching you with the perfect piece for every occasion and intention, as well as to celebrate every milestone and personal connection.

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    The Linh Earrings
    The Kislap Hoops
    The Ambon Earrings
    The Cha-Cha Hoops
    The Leli Studs
    The Jetty Earrings
    The Alon Earrings
    The Gubat Earrings
    The Agnes Earrings
    The Talon Earrings
    The Nanet Earrings
    The Tamyl Earrings

    Looking for permanent jewelry?

    Send us a message to get your own customized permanent jewelry piece! We can zap permanent bracelets, anklets, necklaces and rings, and you can put your own unique spin with genuine gemstone and pearl connectors.