Iolite Bracelet
Iolite Bracelet
Iolite Bracelet

Iolite Bracelet

Iolite Bracelet

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  • Genuine handcrafted iolite bracelet
  • Gold-filled and stainless steel components

  • Hypoallergenic and tarnish-resistant

  • The bracelet itself will be 6.5 inches. The extender at the end of the bracelet will make the bracelet 8 inches long in total, making it adjustable between 6.5 - 8 inches. 

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Jewelry Care


Kislap pieces are handcrafted using Gold-Filled and Sterling Silver (currently only in permanent jewelry), two durable materials that are tarnish resistant and can keep up with your active lifestyle.

Although these materials are less likely to tarnish, it's still possible if they're not looked after properly.


Gold-filled jewelry is a wonderful alternative to solid gold. It's created by bonding a solid layer of gold to a base metal. With 100 times more gold than gold-plated items, it's of higher quality and more tarnish resistant, not to mention much more affordable than solid gold.

To maintain its luster, avoid wearing your gold-filled pieces daily in the ocean or pools, as salt water, chlorine, and harsh chemicals can cause fading. You can keep it on for showers, but keep it away from facial cleansers, shampoos and the like. For cleaning, gently wipe the piece with a soft cotton polishing cloth.

Sterling Silver

Sterling silver consists of 92.5% silver and 7.5% other metals for added strength (you might see '.925' stamped on it). The best care involves regular wear; the natural oils from your skin help keep it clean. Steer clear of lotions, sunscreens, chlorine and other similar chemical products. If it gets wet, dry it completely.

When not in use, store your silver jewelry in a closed box or pouch to shield it from sunlight and moisture. For cleaning, gently wipe the piece with a soft cotton polishing cloth.

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